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Love Saves the Day is our love letter to music and its community. Reducing the impact we have on the planet is a priority in every element of the festival, from planning and production to sales and marketing - we are committed to making our event more sustainable. We want everyone to arrive with an attitude of care towards each other, the festival site and the wider planet.

We've always believed that festivals are an essential part of the economic and social cohesion of a society, and should be valued as such in the UK. We do recognise however that events inevitably have an impact on our immediate surroundings and the planet. 

We are working hard to reduce these impacts, whilst maximising our positive social impact within Bristol and beyond. Our ambition is to protect and enhance our environment and festival spaces so that future generations can experience them

Together, let’s harness the power of live events to bring people together for incredible music moments and inspire change. After all, there is No Music on a Dead Planet.

This year, our event sustainability was assessed by A Greener Future and we are very proud to share that we received the “commended” certification!

It is now the time of reflections, post-event reporting and planning for next year!

Wondering what we did this year? Check out our Instagram

And if you would like to learn even more, we released our 2023 Sustainability Report, detailing our data and findings from last year’s festival season, across all our events. 

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