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Volunteer with Greenbox

It is not just a great way to visit festivals on a low budget, but it is also an opportunity to see festivals from another side and to meet new friends. At Greenbox Events, we make every effort to ensure that the experience is a balance of give and take. In return for between 12 and 16 hours of your time (shifts normally being restricted to 4 hours during the festival and often outside entertainment times) you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the festivities and acts.

Volunteers are used in a variety of ways, on some festivals volunteers will be expected to assist in all litter picking, sorting and bin servicing activities. In others volunteers may be used just to champion the recycling and help to increase rates in practical ways. Whatever you are doing you will be a valuable asset in adding to the sustainable outcomes for the waste and the return of the site to its natural state.

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Volunteer with MyCause

Join the Gates Team by volunteering with MyCause. Our Gates Teams are the first point of contact for all festival-goers on arrival – it’s up to us to give them a warm welcome and set a positive tone for their day!

This role includes:

Welcome Team
Stewards will work at the entry points and routes to an event site, ensuring festival-goers know where and how to enter the event safely and quickly.

Ticket Scanning
Stewards will be responsible for scanning festival-goers’ tickets when they enter the festival, as well as redirecting issues and queries to the relevant location/people.

At festivals where wristbands are provided, these stewards will work with the ticket scanners to wristband festival-goers.


Queue Stewarding
Stewards will be responsible for helping to manage queues at points of entry to the festival. This includes directing people to the correct queues for their ticket type, directing the crowd to the designated queuing area and ensuring general welfare is available at the perimeter of the site.
These role profiles are designed to give you a good idea of what it will be like volunteering with us on site, however due to the ever changing nature of festivals and events, our team is expected to be flexible and therefore roles are subject to change or adaptation to meet the needs at any time.

Festival stewarding is great fun, but it’s also physically demanding. The majority of our volunteer roles will require you to be on your feet for the duration of your shift.
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