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Episode 001 sees Bristol producer OH91 step up to the decks to start us off,  sharing a bumping mix of bass, grime, drill, and dubstep to honour Motion's third room - The Tunnel.

“For me, it’s been one of the clubs that me and my friends would go to from an early age and genuinely just rave - we would go to Motion at night and leave when the sun comes up!”

What the venue has to say: “Last year was a tough one for everyone. We would like to just send a massive thank you for the support over the many years, we hope you are all staying safe. We can’t wait to reopen our doors to you all, hopefully in the next few months. Stay tuned for a new line of merch and events coming soon. We love you, Motion x”


Dance Local is a monthly mix series which started during lockdown, when clubs were empty and the music and live events industry was at a standstill.


It shines a light on the people and places that help shape Bristol's vibrant and diverse music scene, and highlights the importance of creative communities coming together to collaborate  - and certainly creates some mix's for the history books.



For 002, Bristol DJ, party starter and radio host Manami takes us on a slow-burning odyssey through jazzy instrumentals, soothing world sounds and bumping funk.

She dedicates her mix to Gloucester Road hotspot The Gallimaufry (or, as it’s known to locals, the Galli): “The mix is based on the vibe and trajectory I’d take the music over the course of the evening on a Friday night at the Galli. Things usually begin slow and chilled, gradually shifting to more grooving tempos. There have been times in there when it’s got pretty pumping by the end of the night.”

What the venue has to say: "We can’t wait to re-open our doors. In the meantime, please continue to support Bristol independents you value, however possible – a like, a share, a take-out. So too our partners at Caring In Bristol & Bristol Food Union, working tirelessly against inequality throughout our city. Roll on summer, live music and dancing!"



Mix 003 sees our good friend Ngaio bring the magic of carnival to Dance Local. Like lightning in a can, her mix moves energetically from fresh global sounds to sunshine-ready remixes of hits old and new, finished off with a welcome serving of Bristol-inspired bass.

She’s chosen to honour The Plough - the Easton hotspot where she hosts her unmissable Booty Bass nights: "There’s an energy and a freedom that exists within The Plough and when you hit one of those nights, the feeling stays with you forever."

What the venue has to say: "The strangest thing about the year has been inhabiting an empty building that for the last 100 years has been full of revellers It makes no sense stripped of its soul: the people. We can't wait to open our doors to Bristol. Hold tight. Stay safe. This is not forever."



Episode 006 is a special gift from Bristol drum and bass legend Dazee. Having been at the forefront of the scene for nearly 30 years, she delivers a full throttle 45 minutes of heat that's got us dancing no matter the weather.

She selects The Attic Bar as the focus of this mix, having hosted the last 5 years of Ruffneck Ting parties prior to the pandemic. "I think the music in the mix represents the diverse but warm sound that gets played on those nights. Lots of ruffneck ting tunes - there's a bunch of new beats I'm testing out- something that we've always done on those Attic nights. I've been going to the pub part (Full Moon) for years. I think I was booked by Vikki (attic events manger) and then she offered us a Ruffneck night. It's really cool to be one of their few regular jungle nights and It's always great music there, very much the sound of Bristol."



Episode 005 brings Chez de Milo to the Dance Local family, the Club Blanco boss and Futureboogie releasee delivers 90minutes of low-slung, dancefloor ready heaters.


Inspired by the Coroner's Court - the old court mortuary next door to Stokes Croft institution Lakota - his mix captures the 'raw grittiness' that makes the space so exciting.

"I think I first encountered the space back in 2012, back when the front room stayed open until 10am and the ceiling was prone to cave in. Early parties there from Just Jack and Shapes were really special to me, and I have formed some great lasting friendships on that dance floor. Over the years I have seen many great DJs play there - Jane Fitz, Optimo, Roi Perez, Hunee, Omar S, Budino to name a few. Most recently I hold special memories of the Coroners Court as I was the last venue I played with Andrew Weatherall, which happened to be the last of many gigs I played with Andrew before he sadly passed 2 weeks after the show."



Episode 004 brings us Noods Radio resident and one of the minds behind the legendary Dirtytalk parties, none other than Jackin’ Patz.  

Slowly shifting from lounge listening to leftfield and new wave, her mix imagines a night at Strange Brew, Bristol's new DIY venue and artspace- where she also acts as co-boss. Take a deep dive into their dancefloor with this aural journey of a mix. 

"It's music that evokes feelings of togetherness, nostalgia for past times on the dancefloor, and dreams of how joyful it will be when we can have people dancing in Strange Brew."
What the venue has to say: "The pandemic has highlighted just how vital dancing, music events and venues are to so many people - the classic thing of not realising just how precious something is until it's gone! The support we and other venues have had from the local community has been fantastic and we’re hopeful that there will be a joyous return once restrictions are fully lifted.”



Episode 007 brings 60 minutes of UKG fire from one of Bristol's biggest movers in recent years - EC2A boss Dr Dubplate.


He's chosen to dedicate his mix to Timbuk2, which sadly closed its doors back in 2016 but was a real driving force in Bristol's scene during the 13 years it was open. Having hosted the likes of Joy O, Hunee, Ben Klock & My Nu Leng, the venue also provided a lifeline to those aspiring DJs and promoters who cut their teeth at the site over the years.

His mix for Dance Local combines old school flavours from that era (big nod from us on the Hyph Mngo edit) with the fresh UKG sounds that have helped EC2A become one of the hottest labels coming out of Bristol right now... Grab a red stripe, press play and take yourself back to everyone's favourite Small Street basement.



Episode 008 of Dance Local has Yushh on the mix, and shes chosen our very own Stokes Croft venue The Love Inn as inspiration. In recent years, Yushh has become something of a regular on our lineups - having hosted her very first 'Pressure Dome' event at The Love Inn.


Here's what she had to say:

"The Love Inn is my local nightclub. It’s just down the road from me and hosts loads of wicked parties with local promoters. I’ve played there, hosted parties, drank way too many rum ticklers to count and had a lot of fun in the process. All the bar staff are lovely and Ellie Stokes who runs the bookings is steering it in a great direction in terms of music. We’d often be there before lockdown so I’m looking forward to being back in there again!"



John Stapleton has stepped up for our 009 mix. He has chosen to honour our new home of Ashton Court with this mix ahead of our festival relocation in 2022.


Owner of Wanted Recordings, veteran dj, and vinyl fanatic, he has lovingly created a jazz influenced mix which could bring sunshine to even the coldest of evenings. Drawing upon his involvement in the original Ashton Court.

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