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In a span of a few years, The Blessed Madonna (AKA Marea Stamper) used her grit and talent to propel herself into a world that not long ago would have rejected someone outside of its conventions. And yet here we are, she stands as an absolute force of nature in dance music, self-proclaimed to be just getting started and leaving no time soon.

A sublime technician behind the decks, The Blessed Madonna quickly became known for fluent and dynamic sets, which spanned from disco to techno to house and back, maybe stopping by a little drum and bass on the way. Her touring schedule exploded. Launched at breakneck pace from dot to dot on the globe, she seems as comfortable delivering and eight-hour disco beat down in a bathhouse as she does dominating largest festival stages in the world with searing techno.

It’s just her and the music, and then of course, there’s that inimitable energy. Whether you see The Blessed Madonna first, on a computer screen, maybe one of her Boiler Room appearances, in a room with fifty people, or in a stadium, that's the word that people always say first: energy. It’s unmissable. There’s an infectious joy and ability to connect with the room. To see her is to feel like you know her, to be intoxicated by her verve and the sheer elation she feels as the records fly. One moment it’s Sylvester and the next it could be Missy Elliott. Things that shouldn’t work, mesh together naturally. Stopping mid-set to hug dancers, singing and clapping when she plays, it takes her ages to cross a room when the show is over. Everyone wants a hug and they get it. She looks you in the eye when she plays. The connection is real. People want to tell her their story, tell her what she means to them. That is why she is such a perfect fit to be part of the Love Saves family.

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