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Anz is a Manchester based DJ and Producer, renowned for her genre-spanning productions and mixes. She unearths the links between Electro, UK Garage, Jungle and more, underpinning a versatile take on contemporary UK club music that is as bright as it is unpredictable.

After self-releasing the fifth edition of S/S Dubs in a deluxe cassette bundle in December 2020, Anz unveiled her label OTMI in early 2021; a home for her as-yet-unreleased tracks and stylistic counterparts from friends and family across the electronic music spectrum. With the physical release selling out in a day, and lead single ‘Unravel in the Designated Zone’ championed by Danny Howard and Resident Advisor alike, Anz spoke to Crack Magazine about the nascent label and her masterplan in her June 2021 cover feature debut.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Anz joins the Ninja Tune family with the announcement of her 4th EP ‘All Hours’. Released in October 2021, the record is a full-throttle trip through the history of dance music and underground culture – tracing lines through sun drenched electro into club-focused breakbeat, classic UK garage and jungle - all seamlessly pieced together in Anz’ infectiously joyous style.