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Descendants of a lineage that dates back to the genesis of rave culture, My Nu Leng are committed to keeping the legacy of UK electronic music alive and kicking.The duo, AKA Tommy Jackson and Jammo Irving, are renowned for their incendiary DJ sets, which join the dots between a myriad of genres to create an all out audio assault. Their deep musical knowledge, intuitive versatility and technical dexterity has led to bookings all over the world, delivering blistering sets on the big stage at festivals.

Parallel to their exploits behind the decks, Tommy and Jammo are accomplished producers with an armoury of acclaimed releases under their belts, signing music to era-defining labels like MTA, Black Butter and Shogun Audio, while also drawing from their broad palette to produce remixes for several major labels. Now focused on their own label, Maraki, with the intention of showcasing music from relatively new and unknown artists, they’re intent on using their status to help others on their way up.

Driven by a deep passion for their craft, My Nu Leng are contemporary trailblazers whose enthusiasm for performing, creating and discovering music is unrelenting.

Absolute Bristol favourites and legends in the city, we are so excited to have them on board for Love Saves the Day 2022.