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Bristol born and bred; Distorted Minds is the story of two like minded individuals, Jon Midwinter and Alistair Vickery, coming together and living a dream. Over the last decade this dance music outfit have had a number of hit records across a number of prominent imprints.

The pair met through their shared obsession with dance music, hanging around the same record stores in and around Bristol including ‘Time Is Right’ and ‘Replay’ and bumping into each other at the same local nights and sometimes even at the same raves hundreds of miles away. By the time they decided to go into the studio together, both of them had a number of beats under their belts. The fact they were both already accomplished DJs meant that they both knew exactly what they wanted to make and it involved an oxymoron: clean distortion?

In the past 18 months D*Minds have been non stop in building their empire which they modestly call the "D Style Group'. The group is run from one large office in Bristol shared by management and record company 'Hope'. This work environment has created massive opportunities, combining contacts and work ethics the two companies have certainly learnt a lot from each other and made crucial contacts.

Since the outfit’s inception almost a decade ago, their passage can only be measured by means of an upward curve, and with their own label/s, club-nights and productions convalescing incessantly, one can only see that upward curve continuing for years to come.

The pair are also responsible for RUN, a well-loved stage partner of Love Saves The Day.